• What Is Furby Connect?  Furby Connect Review!
  • The Open Furby Project – Furby Inspiration.
  • Interactive ET Furby – who has one of these?
  • Furby Christmas Gift Options!  – My top picks
  • The Furby Gremlins Gizmo Story.
what is furby connect, furby connect review

What Is Furby Connect? Furby Connect Review!

It’s not been since the 2012 and the release of the Furby boom that another main Furby range has been released. Four long years! During that four year period, we did have the release of the Furby party rockers and, of course, we can’t leave out Furbacca, who was a super unique edition. Furbacca was perhaps a sign of what Hasbro were planning, as Furbacca certainly had advanced on from his 2012 cousins…


The Open Furby Project – Furby Inspiration.

Could futuristic Furby be on the way? I’ve been inspired and encouraged by a group of Polish engineers and designers, who have created a project they have termed “Open Furby.” While I have long thought that the potential of Furby robotics had gone untapped, this group of individuals have taken it upon themselves to take the capabilities of Furby to another level. They say they’d like to create social robots…

ET Furby lets play

Interactive ET Furby – who has one of these?

The Interactive ET Furby was released in 2000, another toy known as a “Friend of Furby,” along with a select few others – Gizmo Furby, Yoda Furby and Shelby friends  The friends of Furby were created to interact much like a Furby toy and they interact with other Furbies, as well as with each other! It makes sense that ET was a chosen to join the Furby friends, as he’s such…

furby santa special edition

Furby Christmas Gift Options! – My top picks

At Christmas time, you may be wondering what sort of Furby Christmas gift to get your Furby fans. Maybe they seem to have a big collection as it is or maybe they only recently discovered Furby.  My son personally only discovered Furby a year or so ago and of course, there are plenty of adult collectors of Furby too. Furby Boom Christmas Jumper Special Edition One of My Top picks…

gizmo gremlins furby

The Furby Gremlins Gizmo Story.

There is an interesting story to tell about the creation of the Furby Gremlins Gizmo. Furby Gizmo is part of the “friends of Furby” group, (Including Furby ET, Furby Yoda and Shelby.  If you haven’t seen him before, the special edition Gizmo Furby was based on the 1984 classic film Gremlins.   But Furbies were compared to the Gizmo Gremlin long before their was any real connection between the two and it’s not…


Star Wars: the BB-8 Droid – should you get one?

  Star Wars: The Force Awakens is hotly anticipated to open on December 18th.  The new Star Wars movie comes packed with brand new Droids for us to worship in their battle against evil! One of these such new Droids in the Star Wars film is BB-8!  Naturally, as Star Wars official merchandise would have it, we can now all have a little BB-8 of our own, in our own homes!…


Vintage Furby – What you should know.

If you’re looking to collect and buy vintage Furbies, it’s pretty straight forward to get started. First, you should learn about the various types of vintage Furby available, (see post for some common special edition furby descriptions).  Study their features and the look of their box. To get the maximum return on your purchase in future, you should buy the vintage Furby in its original box, in as good a…