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I was introduced to Furby quite by accident. furbycrazypic I actually won a Furby in a competition a couple of years ago and decided to give it to my son for Christmas.  I knew of the Furby toy, but had never paid any attention to it, I didn’t know people collected them or anything like that!

I was quite alarmed when Furby became my sons most loved and treasured toy, (alarmed because my son is on the autism spectrum and he didn’t normally connect to 99% of toys that I gave him, I thought it would end up being another toy gathering dust).

However, Not only did my son love Furby, he wanted to get more!  He went Furby Crazy.  Furby sent us all a little crazy from then on.

We ended up with more Furbies.…and then some more… I just was so pleased that my son finally found something he was passionate about and really wanted to interact with, that I positively encouraged it.

My son would spend hours making Furby videos, playing songs with Furby, playing games with Furby and watching Furby videos on you tube, (that he found completely hysterical by the way…have you seen the Gangnam style Furby video?  Check out some you tube videos here if not).

While all kids on the autism spectrum are different, if your child has autism, getting a Furby may be a worthwhile toy!  I should mention that my son is pretty high functioning and doesn’t have too many sensory issues – if your child has significant sensory issues, they may not like all the noises Furby makes.  That said, you can pick up Furbies cheaply now second hand, so it’s worth a go.

So, rather unexpectedly…I started to love Furby too!  ….  and gradually, so did our whole family.  Furby sparked my sons imagination and made him enjoy play on a whole other level.  I had to love Furby for that alone!

I also love that Furbies are so collectable, (my son definitely enjoys this aspect too) the different features and look of each one, combined with the different types of Furby they have released over time…from the traditional Furby first released, to Furby Boom and now moving into this new era of very particular Furbies with a certain theme – such as the new Furbacca released in 2015.  

I also like the way Hasbro have added different Furby varieties, like the baby Furby Furblings and Furby party rockers.  The edition of Furby friends such as ET and Gizmo Furby.

And now, it seems they’ve taken that Furby Friends idea and are combining it with an actual Furby, (combining Furby with StarWars for example) and I think this idea is a great one that I hope they continue to develop with future Furby editions.

I feel with the rise of new and ever-evolving technology, they’re going to be able to enhance Furby technology and make an even greater toy for kids, while still developing the Furby brand.  That’s my prediction in any case!

This site is dedicated to Furby and all other toys related to the Furby franchise — as well as any other random vaguely connected stories and diversions I decide to go on because, well, it’s fun to go on a little journey now and then!  Right?

I hope you enjoy it!

All the Best


Founder of Furbycrazy.com

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