Star Wars: the BB-8 Droid – should you get one?

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens is hotly anticipated to open on December 18th.  The new Star Wars movie comes packed with brand new Droids for us to worship in their battle against evil!

One of these such new Droids in the Star Wars film is BB-8!  Naturally, as Star Wars official merchandise would have it, we can now all have a little BB-8 of our own, in our own homes!

But what I wanted to know about  about the BB-8 Droid was :  Does he warrant the hype?  

He is a tiny little robot, which essentially amounts to a ball that is spinning around the room at your control, but there is a personality to BB-8 and it appears that you just can’t help but get a little attached to the little Droid.

Check out a taster trailer for the brand new Star Wars movie…

The Sphero BB-8 toy is dinky thing – he really is a small ball, with a little separate mini head on the top, (which occasionally will fall off, with much hilarity).  BB-8’s head stays in place, (mostly) through the forces of magnetics and this does seem a wonder in itself, as he crashes into every object in the room with some force.

Sphero BB-8 is super quick to put together and simple enough to figure out how to work, so there will no insane hair pulling tantrums and screams on Christmas morning as you frantically try and make sense of a completely unhelpful instruction manual, with a weeping child at your feet.

You simply download the free App, whether that be on android, your ipad or on iphone, ensure you have bluetooth enabled, hold BB-8 within close proximity so that he connects via wireless and you will be good to go.  You can now use the App to set BB-8 rolling a riot around your home.

As you may recall, I did a post recently discussing my search for a toy like Furby and whether a toy with some of the same features of the Furby toy existed on the market today.  

Well, the Sphero BB-8 Droid does have a little in common with Furby…

He is  certainly not fluffy, (but arguably cute) but there is an interaction aspect to playing with BB-8.  BB-8’s attitude does evolve over time as you interact with him and he does have a range of emotions that he exhibits.  Like Furby,  there is also an autonomous aspect to BB-8, as there is a mode where he can roll off by himself and seemingly have a mind of his own.  

Since there has been this Star Wars collaboration with Furby in the creation of Furbacca, I thought it would be worthwhile bringing this little Droid to your attention too — and as it turns out, he’s pretty great. 

So, once you get BB-8 connected up, you can begin the task of steering him around the room.  Ideally, you will want a flat surface for this – deep carpet is not going to work.  It takes a little while to get used to the controls, but once you have it is great fun to use.  sphero bb-8 controls

Once you have got to grips with the basics, there are several pre-programmed tricks that BB-8 can perform, such as spinning around and around in circles.

You can also record mini videos, which BB-8 seemingly plays back to you via holograms, which is a neat feature.  You can also send BB-8 on autopilot to go spinning off by himself.

BB-8 can also respond to a list of voice commands, although the success rate at which he will follow them will seem to vary greatly, depending on where you’re trying to speak to BB-8 and some people claim it not to work at all for them.  You can switch this feature off, to avoid randomly making commands to BB-8 without intention.

So, should you buy BB-8?

               The Good

  • He’s a cute ball of fun, your kid will adore him, (and you will grow a soft spot for him too!)
  • The augmented reality messages is a cool, unique feature.
  • He’s very quick to set up and simple to use.
  • He’s a must have toy for any Star Wars fan.
  • It’s fun watching BB-8 in autonomous mode, exploring his surroundings by himself!

               The Bad

  • At £130 in the Uk, he’s quite a pricey ball of fun!
  • You cannot take BB-8 to explore the outside world.  (Well, you could, but the results would be bad)
  • The voice recognition is not perfect and can be frustrating.

The Star Wars Sphero BB-8 Droid is set to be a Christmas must-have and is sure to be a hit.

You can pick up the Sphero BB-8 droid on Amazon…

 Check out Sphero BB-8 HERE!

If you’d like to see BB-8 in action, check out the video below.


So, what do you think of BB-8?  Will you be buying one?

Leave me a comment below!

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  1. Great review! I love star wars and the BB-8 seems like the perfect toy for my son. My family likes to give each other a few really nice things for Christmas and not over do it. At over 100 dollars this is a pricey toy but still worth it for a star wars fan. I hope that it is durable and worth the money. Is this toy available for sale in the US?

    1. Hi there, I believe it is pretty durable – it really smashes into the walls at some force and it’s fine, aside from his little head coming off rarely – but its made to happen that way and just goes right back on so, that’s no problem. Yes, definitely as a special toy for Christmas, it would be a good one. You can pick one up in the US here . Thanks for your comment, all the best.

  2. Neat article and fantastic gizmo I work at o2 and weve got a compation to win a few of these I do like it but R2D2 will always be close to my heart, playing with star war figures as a kid didn’t get much better wish I still had them as they fetch a pretty penny

    1. Ah really! Yep, I bet there will be plenty of competitions for BB-8 coming up to Christmas now. I’m a big R2D2 fan myself – the original Star Wars toys certainly go for a decent price in good condition, I feel the same in retrospect with some of the toys I got rid of! If only I’d known lol.

  3. I remember I saw a Chinese film with a boy who had a toy alien resembling BB-8, this toy manages to save his father from death ,after a work accident.
    With magical powers which it has,it resolves all tangles and gives the boy plenty of warmth because his mother had died.
    Anyway something magical must be in BB-8, children will surely find it.

    1. ooooh sounds interesting! I’m a fan of any alien type movies, (if they’re good ones that is!). I think the future is sure to see many Droid toys of increasing capabilities!

  4. Finally an excuse for a grown man to buy a Furby-like creature. It’s Star Wars so it could be considered cool by a lot of people. Some will call you a nerd but what do they know right? 🙂

    The hologram feature seems really cool.
    Playing around with it through the app is also a nice feature.

    This is a must have for any Star Wars fan!
    The pricing is quite high but I know some people that would happily pay it.

    1. Hiya, yeh totally agree – the price is pretty high, but it is a pretty cool toy. 🙂 I do like the hologram feature too, that’s a unique one. Looking forward to seeing the movie and seeing BB-8 in all his glory lol 🙂

  5. Really like the BB-8, especially the Sphero version it’s a bit nicer in the presentation side of things whereas I think the Hasbro is a bit clunkier but I prefer the size on that one. I guess that’s more for kids whereas the Sphero is more of a gadget for adults though haha.

  6. The new bb-8 seems just awesome! I have wondered till now if it has a toy –thought I saw one like it before.. The non-contact head body combination is fascinating!. I definitely think I will have to get one of these cuties. Also, i liked your Chewbacca Furbacca Furby review!! Keep up the good work!

    1. Yeh they’re pretty cool aren’t they, can’t wait to see what other cool gadgets are on the horizon! Enjoy your BB-8 — I’m sure you’ll have plenty of fun with it!!! Cheers!

  7. Hi there, this one is absolutley cute!

    My nieces go crazy for the furbies! Think this little Star Wars robot can be a great playfellow within the collection of Furbies they already have collected.

    But the pricing is pretty steep, is that because of Star Wars licensing? And do you know it this one is available in Germany too? I searched it at amazon with no result. Can this be shipped to Germany?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi there, I think the price is steep because it’s quite a hi-tech bit of kit, I guess quite expensive to produce – although saying that, I imagine it’s still on the higher end of the price range due it it being “Star Wars.” It is available on the Amazon in Germany here. Thanks for your comment!! 🙂

  8. Hi I was browsing Amazon looking for a Furby for my two and a half year old son for christmas as he’s mad about them when I bumped into the BB-8 droid and thought I’d check out some reviews.

    I think he will love it, but you say the voice recognition isn’t great which is a bit of a worry.

    Do you happen to know what the recommended age is for he droid?

    1. Hi there, yes the voice recognition is one downside, but many people do not report this problem and if it’s switched off, it doesn’t effect the functionality or the fun you can have with the toy.

      The recommended age for the BB8 droid is ages 8 and up…however, I think that’s mainly due to the fact that you need to App to play with him and setting all that up initially and getting used to the controls a smaller child would need help with and supervision. However, if you bought the toy for yourself and your son helped you play with it, that would work :).

      Many thanks 🙂

  9. Very cool little toy, thanks for the great review! I was wondering when I saw the movie how long it was going to take Disney to come out with a BB-8 toy so I guess not very long! I think it’s super cool that they use magnets to keep the head from toppling off.

  10. I found this page very engaging the more I read the more I wanted to know. In that regard it will help add to the hype for the Star Wars merchandise. I felt like you were speaking directly to me the consumer to give me that peace of mind that one needs before laying out a large sum of money. The BB8 looks pretty cool, I will have to think about getting one…

    All the best, Tim

    1. Hi tim! Great thank you – they are pretty fun – a bit on the pricey side, but great if you’re a Star Wars fan. I personally loved BB8 in the film myself. 🙂

  11. Yeah, I should get one 🙂 And if not for me, then for a friend’s child, who’s such a big fan of this Star Wars stuff.
    I agree that it’s quite expensive, $200 isn’t a very little amount of money… but it’s a pretty smart robot, and for kids like my friend’s, it may be everything they want 😀
    Have you heard of it having problems, like getting broken easily or something like that? Because I suppose it also have quite a long warranty, for $200.
    Thanks for this review, I might take a look at this robot 🙂

    1. Hi, yes it’s expensive, but reasonable for a superfan. I haven’t heard about particular breaking issues – aside the fact its little head does fall off sometimes, (as it’s not attached) but that’s quite funny and easily goes back. Thanks for your comment! For a cheaper star wars related option, you may want to look at Furbacca. Thanks for your comment!

  12. Ah! This is so cute. It really is a little ball of fun, like you said. As a Star Wars fan, I can definitely see myself falling in love with this little guy.

    However, it is quite pricey. I’m not sure that I would be willing to invest that amount for it. However, I will add it to my christmas wish list 🙂

    Thanks for the wonderful review. I love it!

  13. this sounds great i have been thinking of buying one of these droids for a while now. i always wondered how the head stays on, i assumed it would be on some sort of track. i did not think of something as simple as a magnet. definitely going to go on my shopping list. great post.

  14. As a big fan of Star Wars I was quite interested in this post. I have seen furby before but didn’t really know too much about it really. This toy looks really cool but at £130 is a bit pricey.

    I think that this would be a cool toy for my daughter. At the moment though she is only two. What age would you recommend this for? I like the voice recognition but at the moment her language is quite limited. I feel though that I should wait a while before getting one. Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi, I’d say it’s for slightly older children – that said, she’d still get some interest out of it if you helped her play with it! I’m sure she’d find it amusing to see it fly around the room!! 🙂 Thanks for your comments!

  15. Furbacca! I didn’t know about this – I’m going to get one for my son for sure (or maybe it’s for me…. we’ll share 😛 )

    My bro-in-law bought the BB-8. I was actually the one who told him about it. I never really did any research; I just saw it on my Instagram and then told him about it. Next thing I know, he buys it. LOL

    Personally, I don’t mind the price because I’ve seen the BB-8 in action. It’s really cool, just as the YouTube video you shared suggests.

    Come to think of it – Maybe I should get BB-8 for my son as well. I think he’ll like it. 🙂

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