Did you have a Shelby Furby Friend?

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I was introduced to Furby late and well, these Shelby guys… I don’t even remember them coming out?  I don’t remember seeing them in the shops?

I remember anything about them at all.  Shelby Furby friend

That being said, I had no children at that stage in my life and didn’t exactly have a high knowledge of what toys were on the market, (ok, zero knowledge).

Released in 2001, Shelby appeared to be an attempt Hasbro to give the Furby toy franchise a much needed boost, (as sales figures plummeted). Unfortunately, Shelby was only briefly popular and production of both Shelby at Furby was put on hold indefinitely  in 2002.

The shelby personality is meant to be far ruder and more fiesty than old sweet lil’ Furby; they are more easily annoyed and can retreat back into their shells. They dish out insults, belch loudly and just be generally unpleasant from what I can gather.

Awesome, where can I get one?

Shelby’s can be quite hard to come across, you do sometimes find them on Amazon…

Search For Shelby Here!

I have also found these little guys listed on 



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