Interactive ET Furby – who has one of these?

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The Interactive ET Furby was released in 2000, another toy known as a “Friend of Furby,” along with a select few others – Gizmo Furby, Yoda Furby and Shelby friends ET furby

The friends of Furby were created to interact much like a Furby toy and they interact with other Furbies, as well as with each other!

It makes sense that ET was a chosen to join the Furby friends, as he’s such a movie icon and along with Gizmo Furby and Yoda, he made a great edition to the Furby franchise.

ET Furby has an extensive vocabulary of over 400 words, he also has a glowing heart and finger, just like the real ET.  In addition, he has an extending neck!

Just like the traditional Furby, ET furby needs attention, so pat his head, squeeze his hand or talk to him.  The more you speak to ET, the more words his vocabulary will appear to grow.

ET has four stages of development.  In the initial stage, he will not know many English words.  The more you interact with ET, pat his head and squeeze his hand, the more quickly he will progress to level 2.

 Do you have an ET Furby?

Did you know that he can also play games?

As ET passes through each stage development, he language capability evolves and he interacts with you more.  ET furby can even play games with you from stage 2.  Watch ET closely, if he suddenly appears to be doing a lot more new things that you hadn’t previously acknowledged, he’s most likely moved on to the next stage in his development.

ET Furby Instructions…

  • Pat ET’s head – ET Furby has a sensor on his head.  At first he may not realise you’re being affectionate, but gradually he will realise and enjoy his head being patted!
  • Tilt ET.  At first if you tilt ET side to side, he may not react.  Eventually he learns to really enjoy being tilted.
  • Squeezing ET’s left hand tells him you want to teach him – and later on in ET’s development, it will tell ET that you want to play a game.
  • Squeezing ET’s right hand is an affectionate action, it tells ET that you love him!
  • Bright light will startle ET at first and he won’t like it, but will gradually become less anxious.  You can try shining a torch on ET and see how he reacts to it.
  • Turn ET upside down. ET furby can be calmed down by turning him upside down, which is one action to remember if he becomes a little over excited.
  • ET hates loud noise.  You could experiment here with noise and see how he reacts, over time maybe he will become more accustomed to noise.
  • Darkness is ET’s friend.  ET really loves the dark and it makes him feel safe.  Cover his light sensor on his chest in order to put him into darkness.
  • ET having a snooze.  ET furby can often get bored and fall asleep – this may even occur when he’s interacting with another Furby or Furby friend.  To get him back to his interactive mood, turn him upside down!
  • ET can get sick.  Because ET is so far from home, he really craves love and attention and if he doesn’t get it often enough, he can get sick.  In order to make ET happy and healthy again, squeeze ET’s right hand.  If you do this several times, ET should start to recover.

Play games with ET Furby…

In order to play games with ET Furby you’ll need to go through a series of steps.  Before you go on to the next step, wait until ET has stopped speaking and moving.  In order to finish any game you’re playing, turn Furby upside down.

Follow ET game –  

ET will be able to play the Follow game once he has reached stage 2 in his development.  If he has not yet reached this stage, ET "Furby lets play", ET furbyhe will let you know.  For example, by saying: “No, but good try.”  In order to start the game follow these steps… a) turn ET upside down.  b) Squeeze ET’s left hand, then let go.  c)  Clap your hands.  d) Squeeze his right hand and let go.  e) Pat ET on the head.  If ET is ready to play, he will say “Follow ET..”…  ET furby will then tell you a series of actions that you will need to complete in order –  if you get it done in the correct order, ET will let you know.

Hide and Seek ET game – 

As before, if ET is not in the right stage of level of development, he will let you know.  ET needs to be in stage 2 for this game.  In order to play the game, complete the following actions.  a) Turn ET upside down and back.  b) squeeze his left hand and let go.  c) Squeeze ET’s right hand and release. d) Pat him on the head.  e) squeeze his left hand and release.  If ET is ready, he will then say:  “Friend hide ET.”  You then have two minutes to hide ET.  You or your friend then need to search for him.  During the second minute that ET has been hidden, he will start to make noises to give you or your friend a clue as to where he is.  You then have three minutes to find him.

Story ET game – 

In order to get ET to play this Story game, he needs to have reached stage 3 in his development.  In order to play, follow these initial steps.  a)  Turn ET upside down and back.  b) Squeeze his left hand and let go.  c) Squeeze his left hand again and let go.  d) Pat ET on the head.  e) Pat ET on the head once more.  When ET is ready to play, he will say something like:  “Lets tell a story together.”  ET will start by saying the first part of the story – then it’s your turn to add your part of the story.  When you’ve finished your part, squeeze ET’s left hand and he will continue on.  You can continue on back and forth like this until you’re ready to finish the game.

Jokes with ET –

You can play the Joke game with ET once he’s reached level 4 of his development.  You will be aware when he is ready, when he starts to talk about jokes.  In order to start this game – perform the following actions in sequence:  a)  Turn ET upside down and back.  b) Squeeze his left hand and let go.  c) Squeeze his left hand and let go.  d) Pat ET on the head.  e) Squeeze his right hand and let go.  ET will now tell you he is ready to play by telling a joke or riddle.  You can complete the joke or riddle by trying to answer after ET has finished speaking.  Squeeze ET’s left hand in order to hear the rest of the joke or riddle. You can continue like this until you’re ready to end the game.

Check Out ET Furby On You Tube…

Where can I buy an ET Furby?

If you don’t have an ET furby and are looking to expand your collection to include all the Furby friends – Ebay is the most cost effective place to look generally for the more rare Furbies.  If you’re lucky, you can really grab a bargain.  It goes without saying that if you wish to profit from your furby in the future, keeping him in great condition in his box will be the best option.

In order to find the best price, check out:

In addition, you may want to check Amazon – as they sometimes show up, (can you find him?  See here!).

Prices vary, but I have seen some ET furbies go for very high sums.  If you want a brand new ET furby in its’ box however, these of course will be harder to come by without spending quite bit more and some are sold for hundreds.

Do you have an Interactive ET furby, or are or are you planning on adding an ET furby to your furby family in the near future?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hello, I have E.T. furby. He’s been lots of fun. Tried to keep him in good shape. Just night Furbacca after reading reading your review. Thanks for the info! Do you know or have Info on the larger furbies from 8 to 10 years ago? Thanks!

    1. Hi jerry – sorry I seemed to miss this comment. How do you find furbacca? – as far as the old guys, well I have a post about vintage furbies here. Also this post talks about what you should know if you’re looking to purchase a classic furby. Thanks for your comment!

  2. I need to edit my post. It should say I just bought Furbacca not night furbacca. I was browsing and found Your Furbacca review and Bought it for my kids. He’s been fun. I really enjoyed reading Your posts, Thanks!

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