Furbish lesson 1 – what is Furby saying?

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I’ve looked up Furby language before and generally I see a big long list of words and phrases and my mind goes numb looking at them and then I close the page.

WHAT is furby saying?  learn furbish

Just like any language, Furbish is best learnt in little bite size chunks!

Learn a few key phrases and then go back to your Furby and see if he, (or she!) says any of them.

So, here is a small bunch of Furby phrases to be getting on with…..


  2. kah-toh-loo-may-tay  – ME LIKE KISSES!
  3. Kah-toh-loo-moh-lah-wah – I LIKE TO DANCE!
  4. kah-mee-mee-a-tay – I VERY HUNGRY

And some small ones for you too…

  1. ay-day-loh-oo-tye  – GOOD MORNING
  2. boo-bay – WORRY
  3. loo-koo – SOUND

So, now if, (like me)  you sat wondering what on earth furby was saying and couldn’t bring yourself to look it up …you can now figure out a little more what furby is saying.

I also love when they say regular phrases you can understand… a personal favouite of mine is ahhhhh me sweeeppayy!”   

what is your favourite thing that your Furby says?

You can also find the full listing of Furby words and language here.

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