Furby Accessories

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There are a bunch of interesting and fun Furby and Furby Boom accessories on the web to discover and buy and I’d like to share some of them here with you!  Here is a peak of some here….


First up I’m going to talk about Zombie Furby, this unusual Furby had his fur and insides removed and has had a solar motor joined to his motor, where enough sunlight still brings light to his eyes.  This super weird creation of Zombie Furby emerged after this artist discovered her long deceased Furby and wanted to create something new. Zombie Furby was born!  Weird but cute eh?

Check out Zombie Furby!   

zombie furby

He reminds me a little of the steampunk furbies I’ve talked about before in this post.

So, now for something a little more within the normal realms of Furby accessories, are these lovely Furby Charms.  You can use the charms as take toppers, create jewellery or add to your kids shoes.  You also have the option of adding magnets, so you can have Furby fridge magnets!  Zipper pulls can also be added, so you can add Furby to a jacket or hoodie

Check out Furby Charms here!

furby charms

Next, is one of my favourite Furby accessories….  this super cute Furby bag!! The  Furby bag is in a ruckstack/backpack style.  Approx 9 inches high and 8 inches wide.  This Furby backpack may be “for kids” but for any Furby fan, this is an awesome addition to your Furby collection.  (She makes some pretty super awesome other bags too!)

Check Out the bag here!!

furby bag fluffy

Here are some cupcake rings – you get 24 of them, which you can decorate cupcakes with at a party and they hold the additional advantage of being rings, so that kids can wear them after a party and take them home as a gift.  Additionally, they could instead be used in party bags, to be added to party games, (such as pass the parcel) or used for various crafts activities.

Check Out the super cute rings here!

furby rings


I’m a bit of a sucker for stickers and these ones are gorgeous.  These Furby stickers come in packs of 25, are individually sheeted and approx 2.5 inches

Check out Furby Stickers!

furby stickers

This is pretty special- a handmade Furby harem style jumpsuit!  This jumpsuit is one of a kind.  It comes in size medium, but this is meant to still fit most sizes.

Check out Furby Harem jumpsuit!


What about this adorable Furby costume?  It comes in a medium size, including the dress, tail and hat.

Check out this Furby costume!

Here is a handmade Furby Tshirt!  This particular one comes age 5-6, but all items are made to order and you can ask for additional sizes or make other requests.  100% cotton.

  Check out Furby Tshirt!  


Super cute furby pin pack buttons!  Each pack comes with 9 different buttons.  Great for kids and a lovely additon to a Furby collection.

   Check out Furby Pins! 


My son got this Furby book recently and really loves it, he now has several Furby books that he treasures, if only there were more!  The furby books contains 40 stickers, as well as puzzles and games.

 Check out My Furby Handbook!


This is a good value set of four different Furby sticker books here.  Funny, Famous, Fancy dress and Fashion pull out and play sticker activity books!  Create hilarious Furbies!

 Check out the Furby sticker books here!

furby books

Oooh some comfortable Furby slippers.  Something cosy for winter for the kids, stompeez furby slippers!  When kids walk in them, the slippers come to life.  They are slippers with a Furby personality!  Several sizes available.

Check Out Furby Slippers

furby slippers

Good value little Furby umbrella, 4 purple panels and 4 illustrated Furby panels.

Check out the umbrella here!  


This is very cosy… a Furby plush sleeping bag!!  Looks very warm to snuggle in on the sofa, or perfect for a sleep over.

Check out Furby sleeping bag!   


This is a cute little Furby rucksack, adjustable straps and some other bags in the range also

 Check out the Furby Omg Rucksack


There is a bunch of Furby stationary available to buy.  Like this cute set of 10 pencil toppers “Furby Fingers” – a lovely gift for a Furby fan.

Check out Furby Fingers!

Furby pencil tops


Check out the Furby stationary set! 

Furby stationary set

There’s also this Furby school set, which includes a Furby pencil case, a Furby pencil and a Furby pen.

 Check out the Furby school set!

Furby school set

I love this sweet Furby Phone Sock!  Fluffy and purple with Furby eye and ear detailing, it would make a lovely Furby gift.

 Check out Furby phone sock!

Furby Phone sock

Are there any particular Furby accessories you’ve been looking for? Contact us and let me know!

You can also check out a range of Furby bags over at this post!

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