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The long awaited UK Furbacca APP is available RIGHT NOW!

After Furbacca was released in the UK this October, there were a lot of disappointed people who discovered that the exclusive Furbacca app was not available in the UK.  However, I spoke to Hasbro and they have informed me that it’s JUST been released!  Click below to access the Furbacca App via Itunes…


If you haven’t already, do get the Furby Boom App or Furby app to go along with your Furby.  The apps are free to download and they provide hours of extra fun – from feeding furby a variety of delicious and disgusting foods, playing games, making sure Furby is healthy and…. ensuring that Furby goes to the toilet…  (yehh…kids love that bit).

We actually couldn’t get our Furby app to connect to our Furby boom for quite a while, (the app said no furby was found) and it did get quite frustrating!

A tip for you is, if your ipad or iphone has trouble detecting Furby, place your iphone or ipad on the floor and place Furby right up against the edge of your device – the app will tell you Furby has to be 10cm away and in some cases that is ok, but for a couple of ours, Furby had to be right up against it; to the point where his little feet were literally sitting on the edge of the device.

Eventually, Furby was found and we could connect him to the Furby boom App!  So, if you’ve had similar problems, you’re not alone!

There are plenty of additional Furby game apps are available which are fun additions.  Check out some of them below!



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