Furby Christmas Gift Options! – My top picks

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At Christmas time, you may be wondering what sort of Furby Christmas gift to get your Furby fans.

Maybe they seem to have a big collection as it is or maybe they only recently discovered Furby.  My son personally only discovered Furby a year or so ago and of course, there are plenty of adult collectors of Furby too.

Furby Boom Christmas Jumper Special Edition

santa furby boom special edition furby christmas gift options

One of My Top picks would be the Furby Boom Christmas sweater plush special edition for Christmas.

This special edition Furby has a cute Christmas jumper look, he is compatible with the regular Furby boom app and interacts with all other Furbies.  

The only issue you may have is actually getting hold of one, especially in a new condition.  The one place to get the best possible price for this Furby, whether new or second hand, would be to check Ebay.  

They tend to be around £49.99 new on ebay, but you can pick up one cheaper second hand and if you’re lucky, you may get a new one for cheaper.  In the US, they seem to be from around $79.00 if you’re after a brand new one.  

Buy now Ebay USA

Buy now Ebay UK

Furby Fluffy Bag

furby bag fluffy

My second choice is this cute fluffy Furby bag from Etsy.  This Etsy seller,  ships worldwide from the UK!

This is a lovely little plush rucksack with adjustable straps – this bag is created by Hoodratroughdiamond, who also has some other awesome themed bags too, including “cat in the hat” and “Happy” from snow white!  A great gift for a furby fan, whether it’s for your child or simply someone who is young at heart.  This particular bag is £30 from Etsy.  

Buy now on ETSY

If you’d like to look at some other Furby accessories, check out this post.  

Furbacca Furby – Chewy!

Furbacca Furby

Of course, I couldn’t do a Christmas post without mentioning Furbacca, one of the newer editions to the Furby family….

Furbacca is the brand new, Star Wars inspired, “Chewbacca Furby” which has now available to buy.  A must have item for any Furby fan, or indeed – for any Star Wars fan too! Out now in the US and in the UK, Furbacca is the most advanced Furby Hasbro has ever released.

 Furbacca even boasts his very own APP dedicated just to him, (this Furbacca APP is still awaiting a release date in the UK, but it is meant to be available before the end of the year).  To learn all about Furbacca and his cool, unique features visit this Furbacca post.  

Special Edition Vintage Santa Furby

Santa Furby special edition

For the long-term Furby super fan, what better gift than the limited special edition vintage Santa Furby?  These are becoming more difficult to get hold of in a brand new condition.  Your best bet is to check out auctions on Ebay for the best price.  Or  you can find on Amazon for around £100.

You can check out a video of the special edition Santa Furby here…

You can also find my dedicated vintage Furby page here.

and don’t forget, if you’re looking for a toy with similar interactive features or just an all round cool toy this Christmas – check out my BB-8 star wars review or my Toy like Furby review, featuring Star lily unicorn, both of which will be hot toys this Christmas.

Have a Merry Furby Christmas!

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