The Furby Craze – is it due to return?

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The Furby craze was born in 1998.  40 million Furby toys were sold within the first three years of release alone and the Furby invasion had begun!

Furby had a big revival in 2012, when Hasbro released a whole new line of Furbies – including 16 different colours to choose from.  FurbycrazeOne significant feature of Furbies, that make them so intriguing, is their apparent ability to interact and respond to their environment.

Talk to a Furby and they talk back.  Put on music for Furby, Furby will dance.  Furby likes to be tickled and stroked and he falls asleep when he’s bored!  …  Furby can also get fed up and grumpy when you treat them badly!

In addition, as Furbies spend more and more time with you, they speak less furbish and more english – which appears to imitate a learning ability.  (In reality, they are not learning, they do not copy words or learn English,  as was once suspected by the special forces!).

At the core, Furbies have a major cute factor and are an engaging and amusing toy for kids, (and grown ups *cough cough*).

The variety of of Furbies available also make them highly collectable, (Hmm..ever spent a small fortune on batteries?).  There are vintage and special edition Furbies and many Furby collectors will spend good money on obtaining them and expanding their Furby collections, see here.  I imagine in the future, as the special edition Furbies get harder to get hold of, the price people are willing to pay for them will increase too.

Additional furbies released included:  Furby Boom, Furby party rockers, Furby boom crystal, Furby babies and Furby Friends! Two personal favourites of mine are special Furby Friends editions of ET and Gizmo was always a massive Gremlins fan and I’m sorry I missed out on this Gizmo Furby, (another one I will have to add to our collection!).

gremlins        ET furby

With the seemingly never ending ability to expand and develop Furby products, I see no reason why new Furby editions and Furby revivals will not continue long into the future.

And my guess is that, one generation of Furbies in the future will gain additional intelligence and learning capabilities…(Does that sound at all worrying?  🙂 ).

Maybe one day Furby will wake us up in the middle of the night screaming, not just because they’re running out of batteries, but because they actually do want to freak us out.  *shudder*….

However, in 2015 an awesome Furby was released…Star Wars Furbacca

Furby Furbacca is a Furby version of Chewbacca, he even speaks wookiee and hums along to the star was theme tune.


Am I dreaming?   I’m already imagining further Star Wars furby editions….  Come on now, Furby Darth Vader?!  Furby YODA!!?!  How brilliant would they be…And these ideas may become a reality at least within the new Furbacca IOS app, where you can hatch baby furblings in the style of well-loved Star Wars characters.

Check out Furby Furbacca For Yourself: HERE.


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  1. Hi Natalie,
    Furbacca ftw!! Furbey Vader?? Hell yeah… might try to force choke me in my sleep though…
    I owned a Furby when I was a kid, I remember growing attatched to it before it went insane and started creeping me out… I can imagine its software must be leagues ahead of what it used to be.
    I might consider getting another one just to see how the tech has evolved (yeah I’m a weirdo like that), and might consider getting one for the little ones.


    1. Haha, my sons furbies have come alive in the middle of the night and creeped me out too LOL, but it was pretty hilarious. My son collects furbies now, but I guess I have encouraged it haha. I’m getting furbacca, definitely not missing out on that one, :).

  2. Furbies are so cute. Even though I didn’t own one, I must confess I have a soft spots for cute toys. I guess it is the child in me.

    You are correct, the craze could return for the next generation. Maybe then I get mine, or at least one for my grandchild.

  3. If only I can relive my childhood again, this would be it. Getting reunited with the Furby craze all over again. They are just too adorable. In all kinds of colors, their eyes itself make them all the more cute.

    Are you by chance a Furby Collector too? Do you have Furbys from when they were first released to the Public?


    1. their eyes do make them super cute lol. I didn’t have furbies when they first came out, I only discovered them after my son got one and quickly became a Furby fanatic. Now we’ve built a collection, but I’m yet to buy one of the boxed originals. Seem so a shame not to play with them lol. I will be getting them though x. 🙂

  4. Hello Furby we love you! The steampunk furby rules…
    We would love to see a few more angles of the furby. Do you know if they have any age restrictions as we would like to get one for our baby nephew he is 3?
    Are they for sale? We clicked on the image could not find a price. ok will come back later take care robert

    1. Hi there Robert – well, most websites say 6+ for Furby, but I think that’s more to do with interaction purposes, as you can use an App with furby and to get the best out of Furby play wise. So, in that respect, I imagine 6 is a good age. That said, I’m sure a 3 year old would still get plenty of enjoyment from Furby. Were you thinking of getting the new Furbacca or regular Furby? if you’re in the UK, you can only pre-order Furbacca at the moment from zavvi, (link above in text) or if you’re in the US , you can buy right now, (I’ve added a furbacca toy box photo link now above or there is also link in text underlined above in the post). I do hope that helps, many thanks!

  5. Furbies making or made a come back? I remeber owning one of them and luving them.. apparently you could teach them to speak but I think that was more of an urban legend.

    Love the idea, or the genius who thought of a variety of accessories like jumpers, jerseys, bags and so on.

    These new furbies do look totally cool..hoping more technology and fen behind the new one!

    1. Hi there — well, I don’t think there is the “furby craze” again just yet, but certainly Furbacca is helping bring furby some extra attention right now. However, I do think hasbro need to create a new generation of Furbies, much like they did with Furby boom but more advanced. I imagine it is on the cards, it’s just a question of WHEN. It seems at the moment they may be concentrating on creating one off special editions like Furbacca, rather than a whole series…. but we shall see!

  6. I am pretty confident that furbies will return because we need them because of today´s already ongoing furby craze. We´ll also see more and more realistic furbies. So that the production of realistic furbies can continue, the revival of the 2005 emoto tronic furby must commence. I have suggested the creation of a furby which will be modelled after the Greater Sage Grouce which would be the largest furby if produced. I am also very excited for the possibility of the arrival of furbies capable of fighting each other. The traditional furby outlook should stay the same more or less, with hardly any need to add any wings. I´d like to see more furbies with less vibrant colors and a larger memory. We also need at least two more personalities – a middle aged furby personality and a grandpa or grandma like one. Because of the upcoming elections in the US, it´d be ideal to release a new Furby for President version and the possibility of basing it on the 2005 model should be looked into. It is funny to notice that today´s youth are not as interested in furbies as adults but this may change in the near future, especially if ultrarealistic furbies are produced. And I have already opened up a furby adoption centre in my home in my native Iceland where I patiently wait for the arrival of unwanted furbies. Please note; I do not recommend buying a furby instead of having a child.

    1. Absolutely, I think you’re right. There is a large number of adults that collect furbies and the like but since Furby boom, there hasn’t been a big revival. I think creating more ultra realistic furbies are the way to go for sure. That’s so awesome that you have a furby adoption centre! That’s fantastic. Do you have any pictures of all your adopted furbies? I think there will be a new furby generation in the pipeline, I’m excited to see what will happen next. Many thanks for your comment!!

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