Furby Party Supplies

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Furby Birthday Time!

If you’d like to have a fully themed Furby birthday party, of course you’re going to need some Furby party supplies!  If you’re after a Furby cake, you can buy a cake topper, or you could have a go at making a Furby cake yourself! (simply see the video at the end of this post! It actually doesn’t look that difficult, even for a beginner!).

As far as supplies go…

Furby party supplies Furby birthday party

You can get pretty much everything you’d need for a Furby party:  napkins, table cover, party blow outs, foil balloons, hats, paper cups, paper plates, drinking straws, party bags, party banner and party invitations!  So, it’s handy to be able to get them all in one place.

 This whole collection is over at Ebay –  Check details and prices

Alternatively, you can buy plenty of items individually easily on Amazon here

There are a few different Furby cake toppers you can buy.  One option is to go for a silicone mould, so that you can create your own Furby cake toppers from sugar paste.

Furby cake topper silicone moulds

There are instructions available and the results looks great, as you can see above.  Size wise, the dimensions of the finished finished Furby topper would be 29 mm x 30 mm. Check them out…

If you’d like to go for ready-made and simple – a good option would be to buy a ready made icing cake topper.  You can then either buy a plain cake, or make a regular plain cake and then simply put the icing topper on the top.

furby cake topper

You can personalise this Furby cake topper too, with your child’s name.  You can also get the topper round or square.  The round topper 7.5 inches (19cm) and the Square topper is also 7.5 inches (19cm).  The topper is already precut, so you just need to peel and add to the top of your cake. Check them out…

furby cake topper pink

You can also buy this Furby boom cake topper in pink or in blue.  You can personalise the cake by adding message on the cake topper.  The size is 7.5 inches.   You can opt for it being made on edible rice paper or icing.  Personally, I’d go for edible icing – as it’s yummy!  That said, I used to have a strange fascination with rice paper when I was a kid – I think it was the novelty of what seemed to be edible paper. 🙂

furby boom cupcake toppers

There are also these Furby Boom cupcake toppers available to buy.  They come in a set of 30, each cupcake topper is a 1.5 inch round.  Again, you have the option of them being in either edible rice paper or icing. Buy here!

Alternatively, maybe you want to try and make a Furby Birthday cake yourself!  Why not?  The results are pretty amazing. Check out this Furby cake video tutorial, if you want to put some additional effort in, this Furby cake looks fantastic and doesn’t look overly complicated.  I’ve seen this style of cake quite a number of times, so I’m guessing it is one of the simpler ones to put together.  Have fun and have a HAPPY FURBY BIRTHDAY PARTY!

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