Furby Videos

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The first video is “Furby Island” – the 2005 Furby movie.

A little girl called Maddie and her family travel the world in search of rare plants and animals. On one of their explorations they find Furby Island and need to help save the Furbies from being captured by Dr Conquest!

Furby Vs Kittens!  Furbies and cats?  Surely a winner!

White Furby dances to Gangnam Style!

Pretty awesome Furby collection

Evil Furby Meets Nice Furby

Furby Meets Fijit

Do you have a favourite Furby video that you’d like me to add? Or maybe one you’ve made yourself! If so, please contact us in the comments, or via our contact page.

If you’re looking to increase your Furby collection, there are a huge range of Furbies available, whether rare, used, old or new – you can find them generally one of two places….

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