MEET FURBACCA FURBY! May The Force Be With Furby….

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Furbacca Furby Review

I am so pleased to talk about the brand new Star Wars Furbacca – which is currently out RIGHT NOW.

 This brand new Star Wars Furby combines the well-loved star was character Chewbacca, plus Furby = Furbacca!  That’s right –  he is a chewbacca, Furby, Wookiee combo creation.

Furby Furbacca has been released in perfect timing for the brand new awesome StarWars movie – Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it was great to see Chewbacca back on the big screen again!  (wasn’t BB-8 adorable too?  Check out my BB-8 toy review).

This is not the first time that Furby has been linked to Star Wars.  Indeed, Furby has been linked to Star Wars in the past, (such as with the Furby Friends interactive Yoda toy) and it’s a great move to combine them once more, in a much more direct way this time.  

Perhaps this idea was a long time on the drawing board.  Whatever the reason for delay with this Furby/ Star Wars mesh, the idea has finally become a reality.  

So, what’s new with Furbacca?

Furbacca is being released with a brand new iOS APP and this is exclusive to the new Furbacca Furby.  Using the new Furbacca Furby iOS app, Furby can explore the galaxy and can hatch new virtual baby furblings, who are all inspired by other Star Wars characters!  

Perhaps a release of a Furbacca furby furbling could be on the cards in future?  I’m sure that would be a popular edition!  I’m also holding out for an actual Yoda Furby!

This brand new  app will also contain plenty of games and activities to add another level of game play to Furbacca.  This is a unique feature creating an app soley for the purpose of one particular Furby, but perhaps there will be future Star Wars Furby editions that will also be able to link to it?

The fact that an independent App has been created solely for Furbacca does perhaps hint at the fact that further Star Wars editions could be a possiblily, (or am I just hoping?).

 If there is a possibility, it would make sense to suppose that this will depend on the success of Furbacca – I will update you as soon as I hear of any future Furby Star Wars possibilities in the pipeline.  We shall see!

NEWSFLASH: The Furbacca app is also now AVAILABLE in the UK!  I have just heard back from Hasbro that the UK Furbacca App has just been released via itunes – you can get it right now here!  Many people in the UK were left deflated when they purchased a Furbacca, only to realise that the app was  unavailable in the UK – with no clue as to when it would be released.  I contacted Hasbro directly to ask them what was going on, they promised to contact me when a release date had been set and I’m very pleased to report that NOW the Furbacca app is finally available in the UK.

What makes this Furby so unique?

In addition to this exclusive Furbacca APP – Furbacca himself sounds just like Chewbacca and speaks wookiee!  (Yup, he speaks ACTUAL WOOKIEE…).  He also randomly hums the star wars theme tune and the imperial march, which sounds pretty awesome, (ummm well, who wouldn’t want to hear the Star Wars theme tune hummed by a Furby/Chewbacca cross-breed?).

What else makes Furbacca so great?

Furby’s eyes flicker, as they display images of a X-wing fighters or star destroyers on LCD screens built into his eyes, (Yep, extremely cool).  Of course, as with other Furbies of the past, Furbacca will interact with all his Furby friends!  (So if you have a Gizmo Furby or an ET furby from the past, that would make for an interesting experiment!  Get them together for a party and see how they get on, it’s sure to be an amusing meeting of Furby minds.  

An additional bonus is – if Furbacca gets a bit too much with all his wookiee talk, Star Wars theme hums and star destroyer-crazy-eye-type-suff and you feel like you’re just about to lose your mind at any moment….you can simply pull his tail for 10 seconds and he WILL fall asleep!  Phew, there is sort of an off button.

Take a little peak of Furbacca in action right here….

How awesome is he?  Design wise, I really think they have gone the extra mile with Furbacca, the LCD eyes do look fantastic and the little details – such as his eyes flickering with x-wing fighter & star destroyer images – just make him that bit extra special.

So…Is Furbacca worth the cash?

 …OF COURSE Furbacca is worth it!  Furby fans and collectors aside, this toy is surely going to be many a Star Wars collectors a must have item. This has to be the ultimate Furby edition to date.  He has this awesome Star Wars connection and qualities, but still maintains the original cuteness of a traditional Furby – plus all the additional cool features mentioned, an exclusive Furbacca iOS App and don’t forget that he can also still interact with all his other Furby pals, including furby friends, furby boom and furby babies, (they may feel a little inadequate though).

The good news is that Furbacca can now be purchased at a lower price, so grab a bargain today!


Will you be picking up a Furbacca?  Would you like other Star Wars Furby editions to be released in future?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh wow you took me back to the late 90s ( a much simpler time) with this furby. I forgot all about those and I didn’t know that they still made them. I’m glad you found something you are passionate about as I can tell that from reading your articles, hopefully the furby can make a comeback!

    1. Thank you – yes, I came into furby by accident after my son got one and went nuts for them. The technology has developed a lot since they first came out, so the opportunity for them to develop more and get more sophisticated. I love the idea of a full star wars range though lol.

  2. Hi Natalie
    Great website and what a lot of fun!!
    You use of images and choice of the dramatic for your colour theme is terrific.
    I like each little profile.

    Have you thought of taking Furby out for the day and take photos of each Furby on the various outings as another way to post in a fun way….. It could be Furby going to the movies or school or mini golf etc….


    1. That’s a brilliant idea, thank you very much for your comments.

      Taking Furby out for the day would be fun, maybe I could make a video.

      Thanks again, Natalie

  3. Hi,

    I was surfing the web and just stumbled on your page. I was so surprised about the whole furby thing I kept reading. To be honest I didn’t even know they still made these. Is it still worth buying this furby even if you don’t have the app?


    1. In my opinion definitely vincent – they’re a cool toy just to have around, despite the app. My kids have a bunch of furbies and they used the app a lot at first, but now just mainly play with them without the app. Plus, I’m sure plenty of adult furby collectors and Star Wars collectors will be buying Furbacca and may not pay much attention to the App 🙂

  4. Wow definitely food for thought here for my two boys this Christmas (and their birthdays!). I can’t believe how many different types of Furby products there are now and how much they are adapting with ‘modern times’ for something which is so quintessentially 90’s/2000 for me! Furbacca is SO cute.

    1. He’s pretty awesome isn’t he! I think hasbro have made a great move with Furbacca, I love the cross over with Star Wars and I just hope they create other cross-breed Furbies like this – I’m hoping for a Furby Yoda myself! 😀 xx

  5. No way!!! I had no idea these little devils were still going strong! I remember my sister buying one then being driven up the wall by the racket it used to make automatically ( I can’t remember the exact model she had! ). Love the way they have incorporated the new Star Wars film into thier line – they should make a right killing with this!

    1. ​I think so Chris! It’s a pretty awesome idea combing Star wars and Furby I think – a good move on their part, especially if they expand on that in future and create some other characters, (Darth Vader Furby haha! That I would love to see ) 😀

  6. WOW !!!
    I really never gave Furbies much thought. My boys never said anything about them when they were young. Now that I have grandkid, they maybe good Christmas Ideas.
    How many furbys are there? How much do the older ones cost if you were to start collecting them? Maybe they will come out with a vaping furby. 🙂

    1. Hi, there are all sorts of Furbies, the more recent ones are called Furby boom – see my top 5 here. If you wanted to collect the original ones, you can pick up a special edition boxed one probably from around £30, but you can get lucky and get a lower price, or considerably higher. If you’re in the US, you can pick up quite a selection of the special edition ones right now for $39.99, such as this limited edition statue of liberty one here.

  7. I’m wondering,, this toy works with the Boom App? Or is the new Star Wars app having all the features of the old Boom app included?

    1. Hi there – no this Furbacca has a brand new app of his own, (although he does interact with other furby booms or other furbies). You can get the Furbacca app for free now in the UK or the US. You can find it via either my APP post HERE. Or if you’re in the US – simply go HERE. I hope that helps!

  8. Wow how toys have changed these days. Now they have their own apps, who would have thought.

    Love your post on the new furby, and what a perfect time with the Star Wars film for kids to fall in love with this little critter.

    Enjoyed reading about these guys and I might have to get one for my nephew.


    1. Many thanks for your comment – furbacca is awesome, sure your nephew would love it. It’s pretty great that the new Furbacca App is exclusive to this Furby too and it’s free to download. All the best! Merry Christmas!

  9. OH MY GOD!! FURBY! That’s amazing! I had so many of these when I was younger. I love Furby. I even had one that was made to look like Gizmo from Gremlins. This one is so perfect. I literally have a friend I have to get this for like, oh my goodness! He is so cute. I love his little belt thing. Sorry, I don’t know anything about Star Wars, but my best friend is totally obsessed and he will totally love him!!!!

  10. I know I’m probably late for the party lol but I got a Furbacca for my bday last year and I loooove him. But mostly he stayed quiet on a bookcase until last month when I moved him to the top of my dresser.
    Funny enough every time I open a drawer the little guy wakes up.

    And yep he can be too much at times hahah
    He get mad and sometimes starts screaming.
    If there’s music playing he even seems to dance. Or just move around. Who knows if those are dance moves. Lol
    It’s just too cute and awesome.
    But sometimes he won’t shut up.
    BUT I just found out if you give him a little attention, some little scratches and tickle his tummy, he goes to sleep just a little bit after you are done.
    A couple of times he woke up right away asking for more hahahah
    Such a needy Wookiee! Hahah

  11. We are currently the owners of two furbies, We have an older flamingo furby and now we own a furbacca. We would like to know if there is a manual out for the furbacca. We love both of them so much and want to communicate better with him.

  12. Love Furbacca and wish there was a manual that we could use to communicate more with the little guy. We are also interested in collecting furby.

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