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yoda interactive toy, yoda furby

A Yoda interactive toy… do you have one?

A Yoda interactive Toy was released in the year 2000.  The Yoda doll was immediately compared to Furby because they share the same creators – Tiger Electronics.  There are also a number of similarities between both toys… Furby and Yoda are both interactive electric toys, both respond to their environment. Like Furby, you need to care for Yoda, you can interact with Yoda and if Yoda gets sleepy, he will…

steampunk furby tardis

Steampunk Furby!

When I discovered Steampunk Furby, I could hardly believe my eyes. If you don’t know much about Steampunk, in essence, it’s a subculture artistic movement that re-imagines life in an age of steam and Steampunk can be found within all sorts of artistic mediums whether art, literature, fashion or music, for example. Normally Steampunk works, (of whatever medium) will be set within an alternative history, reality or fantasy, where Steam is…

shelby furby

Did you have a Shelby Furby Friend?

I was introduced to Furby late and well, these Shelby guys… I don’t even remember them coming out?  I don’t remember seeing them in the shops? I remember anything about them at all.   That being said, I had no children at that stage in my life and didn’t exactly have a high knowledge of what toys were on the market, (ok, zero knowledge). Released in 2001, Shelby appeared to…

that furby craze

The Furby Craze – is it due to return?

The Furby craze was born in 1998.  40 million Furby toys were sold within the first three years of release alone and the Furby invasion had begun! Furby had a big revival in 2012, when Hasbro released a whole new line of Furbies – including 16 different colours to choose from.  One significant feature of Furbies, that make them so intriguing, is their apparent ability to interact and respond to…

how to turn furby evil

How to turn your Furby EVIL!

Causing your Furby to turn evil is quite simple. You over feed them. Yep. You need to stick your little finger in their mouth and just wriggle away. Wriggle Wriggle Wriggleeee…. Just continue on like that for some time.  A minute or so… Eventually  Furby  will have a freak out, his eyes will flutter and then .. BOOM!!! That is how to turn your furby evil … job done. If…