Special edition furby boom & furblings

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There are a few special edition Furby Booms & Furblings out there, but not a great deal yet!  Hopefully more will be released in future!

Christmas Furby boom Plush special edition

special edition furby boom holiday sweater

I love the Christmas sweater look, very cute with the blue and red “Christmas jumper” design!  It looks as though he’s wearing a giant cosy Christmas sweater.

Christmas Furby Prices!

Furby Boom, special edition Teal coloured

speacial edition teal coloured furby boom

I love the colour of this one.  Gorgeous bright blue with that greenish tinge.  Thankfully, these are not too tricky to get hold of.

Teal Furby Prices!

Special Edition Easter Furby!

furby boom easter special edition

This is quite a difficult Furby to get hold of at a low price right now.  He looks pretty much like a colourful Easter egg, don’t you think?  Easter Furbies are pricey on Amazon UK right now, at over £100.  In the US, they’re also equally hard to get hold of.  But can be found on Ebay UK for under £50 – See here.  If you look out for auctions ending during the week, you may be able to get hold of one quickly.  

The best value I saw on Ebay US recently was $99 recently – but you can check out recent auctions here.  Again, checking out week-day auctions rather than weekend ones may be your best bet at grabbing a bargain.

Easter Furby Prices!

Easter Edition Furby Furbling!

easter furby furbling

Plus they also have the Easter special edition of a Furby Furbling too!  How adorable.  Thankfully, the Easter Furbling is a bit easier to get hold of than it’s grown up counterpart.

I’ve seen quite a variation in price, they seem to go up and down.

Easter Furbling Prices!

Furby Furblings special edition gold.

Gold Furby Furbling

This is my favourite special etition!  But where is the gold adult Furby edition to go with this little gold furbling!?

I’m not sure why they didn’t release one, seems this golden Furbling needs a momma!  Did you ever hear why a golden adult Furby was not released?  If so, let me know!   Thankfully, the little golden Furblings are still available to buy at a good price too.

Golden Furbling Prices!

I guess the real ultimate special edition Furby right now would be Furbacca – the Star Wars Chewbacca themed Furby!  You can pick him up right now, read all about him over at my Furbacca post.  

Rather than bring out an all new range, like the Furby Boom, it seems Hasbro have turned to creating one off special editions right now, (such as Furbacca).  But this may not always be the case.

 I see it more than likely that a new ultra super technologically advanced Furby update is in the making as I write this and I can only wonder what that may involve… more than likely plenty more interactive features that make Furby seem even more lifelike!  Watch this space and we shall see!

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