Steampunk Furby!

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When I discovered Steampunk Furby, I could hardly believe my eyes.

If you don’t know much about Steampunk, in essence, it’s a subculture artistic movement that re-imagines life in an age of steam and Steampunk can be found within all sorts of artistic mediums whether art, literature, fashion or music, for example.

Normally Steampunk works, (of whatever medium) will be set within an alternative history, reality or fantasy, where Steam is the main source of power.  

As such, you will often get a mix of old an new, things that seem highly futuristic mixed with the Victorian era and it’s this unusual and eerie mix that I find so compelling about the Steampunk movement.  

As was stated in the Urban dictionary – Steampunk is “what the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.”   I think that’s a great quote and certainly is a good way to describe what Steampunk is about on a basic level.

I actually ended up being at a Steampunk convention one day after visiting a museum, where there happened to be one on.  It’s the first time I properly got to see some Steampunk related art work, costumes and jewellery first hand and I was amazed at how inventive and stunning so much of it was.

 It’s lucky I didn’t actually have a great deal of cash on me that day, or else I think I would have come home with bags of stuff.  

So…  back to Furby!

This Steampunk Furby is like the special edition Furby of my dreams – except someone actually came up with this idea and then created it! Completely genius idea and they look amazing!

I don’t know how the first Steampunk Furby came about, (if someone knows this info, please share below) and I’m sure there are plenty who might find them a bit weird and disconcerting, but I think they’re just works of art.

The intricate detail and creativity that goes into transforming these Furby toys into these Steampunk Furby creations is simply incredible.  Better still, these Furbies are not just pretty to look at – they are still in working order!  Yes!  I’m told they actually do work! I have yet to see one first hand in action.

steampunk duo

After some investigation, I discovered that these awesome Furby Steampunk creations had been available to buy from Van Halen Co – who create sensational vintage and Steampunk accessories.  They currently have a Furby lamp still available to purchase here.

Unfortunately, they don’t currently have any single Steampunk Furbies available to buy – BUT, I contacted them directly and they ensured me they should be making some more within a few months.

My absolute favourite Furby that I discovered on their website, was steampunk Furby AND tardis!   Hold up… Steampunk + Furby + Dr WHO!?

Oh my goodness….  *deep breath*…

steampunk tardis


In the words of Furby…..


I am so excited at the possibility of owning one of these.  Rest assured, if I can get hold of one, I will share the news first here.

So, what do you think of Steampunk Furby?

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  1. Hi there!
    Thanks for loving the Steampunk Furby’s we made!
    Our name is val halan, not val helen but
    We made a lot of Steampunk , boxes, purses and lamps and now and then a few Furby’s.

    Greetz Diana

    1. Thank you very much for your comment – well, I love them they’re great.
      Apologies for the name, I will correct that now!
      All the best 🙂

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