The Furby Gremlins Gizmo Story.

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There is an interesting story to tell about the creation of the Furby Gremlins Gizmo.

Furby Gizmo is part of the “friends of Furby” group, (Including Furby ET, Furby Yoda and Shelby.  If you haven’t seen him before, the special edition Gizmo Furby was based on the 1984 classic film Gremlins.  gizmo gremlins

But Furbies were compared to the Gizmo Gremlin long before their was any real connection between the two and it’s not hard to see why.

With Furbies sticky up ears, big round eyes and beak-like mouths, they have often been compared as looking like a cross between an owl like creature and the adorable Gizmo Gremlin.

While it was fiercely denied by Hasbro, inside information began to leak that Hasbro were indeed in some potential legal hot water.  As Warner Bros became aware of these stark similarities between Gizmo and the Furby toy, a potential legal battle lingered in the air.

Luckily,  Hasbro already had a very good working relationship with Warner Bros.  It appeared as though, rather than face any legal battles, an agreement to partner up and release a Furby officially modelled on Gizmo was a smart solution to the problem and  a “win win” solution for all concerned.

The release of the Gizmo Furby, will only have confirmed what people suspected all along – that the original Furby could only have been modelled on Gizmo!  It did not take much more than a minor make over and some additonal limbs for Furby to be tranformed into Gizmo with little effort at all.  The resemblance was clearly undeniable.

Still there were whispers, despite vehement denials, that a monetary settlement also took place.  In any event, all appeared to be settled amicably in the end.

So, if rumours be believed, the end result of this dispute was the existence of an actual Gizmo Furby!

For the Furby fan, this surely can only be a good thing, for the alternative may have meant that Furby manufacture and distribution may have been halted in its’ tracks many years ago.   250,000 Gizmo Furbies were released in 1999.

Is Gizmo Furby still available to buy today?

You can pick up a Furby Gizmo today, but they do vary wildly in price.  It’s not to be confused with the singing and dancing Gremlins Gizmo Plush Toy – which dances and sings whenever you clap your hands and is not a Furby, (although certainly looks similar to one).

 The original Gizmo Furby is most easily found on Ebay, where they seem to go from anything from £10 to over £200.   In the USA the price for a brand new boxed Gizmo ranges from around $75-$100 plus. With the most expensive naturally being immaculate in their original boxes.   Check out current UK Ebay auctions here and  USA Ebay auctions here.

Furby Gizmo Gremlins

 Does Gizmo Furby have the same features as Furby?

Gremlins Gizmo has all the same regular features of the original Furby.  He has a 160 word pre-learned vocabulary, he plays games and does tricks and he also interacts with other Furbies and Furby babies.  If you’d like to pick up a Gremlins Gizmo Furby, it goes without saying that by buying one in either new or excellent condition and still in the box, you’re going to be in good stead at selling for a profit down the road.

However, if you’re just interested in Gizmo Furby as a novelty item that you’d like to check out, then there a plenty available that you can pick up second hand at auction.

…If you haven’t seen him already, don’t forget to check out the awesome  Furbacca!!  

Plus of course there is the newly updated Furby that was released in 2016 – Furby Connect.

Have you ever owned a Gizmo Furby?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi There, I am so glad that I found your site, it has brought back many fine memories for the original ‘Gremlins’ film back in the ’80’s – Is there a lot of interest for the Furby Gizmo Gremlin since you have launched the site?? Great site and great posts, will be for sure returning to get updates. Cheers, Michael

    1. Hi michael — the gizmo furby was certainly popular and not just from Furby fans, but of course fans of the Gremlins film! I’m a huge fan of the film myself, it brings back lots of childhood memories for me. I was an 80’s kid, they had such great family films back then! Most of my favourites are 80’s films. Cheers, Natalie.

  2. Very informative! I never realized the background story between the two companies Hasbro vs Warner Brothers in regards to this product. Interesting how they managed to take a possible legal battle and make it into a win /win situation. I wasn’t too clear about availability today, do they still make them, or are they only available through places like eBay from old stock or collectors? Thank you for sharing all your Furby expertise.

    1. Thanks paul. Yes – Furby does tend to show up on from private sellers, less so on amazon uk. But there are constant auctions on Ebay for them, so there are still plenty available – but less in very good condition.

  3. Hi Nat;
    Yes, I do have a Gizmo Furby and it’s still brand new and in the box. Love the fact that I was an 80’s kid. Thanks for bringing back memories and enjoyed the information.

    1. you’re welcome – I was an 80s kid too and loved gremlins, (well, still do lol). Good stuff that you still have your Gizmo furby brand new in the box! Keep it in mint condition, you never know if you may want to sell it on one day. Many thanks for your comment!

  4. Hi there. I’ve had my Gizmo for nearly 20 years now and some years he was sleeping without batteries. I put the batteries back in a month ago and Gizmo was right back and happy chatty no worries. Until yesterday his every move was activated and he was erratic, I couldn’t calm him so I removed the batteries. I replaced with new ones and now he gives no reaction , nothing ?. I tried the reset but still nothing ?. Can anyone help? Please?

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