Top 5 Furbies

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My Top 5 from the Furby range.

This list is simply my top 5 personal favourite Furbies – which are yours?

This might seem like a strange choice, but first choice is the marshmallow white Furby.  White furbies are incredibly popular and I still can’t put my finger on exactly why.

 Does that fluffy white fur somehow make them look cuter? (Yep, think so).  Does he have a baby white seal quality about him? (Yep again).  

Nevertheless and whatever the reason, I have a fluffy white Furby arriving in the post for my son, (who has also been asking for one) and I personally can’t wait for its arrival!  (Update – we have a white Furby and he is adorable!).  

White Furbies are also an incredibly popular choice in general and still in high demand, so I know it’s not just me that loves them.  Getting a pure white Furby was also my sons top choice.  (My son also wants a black Furby so that he can direct a video like the nice vs evil furby film, you can check it out here).  

Furby Plush (White)

The white Furby is actually in such high demand, that it can be tricky to get hold of – especially in the US.  At the moment on prices vary here.  If you don’t mind getting him second hand, you may want to check Ebay auctions here but you’d have to keep a close eye out for auctions ending.  

Again, in the UK a white Furby can be hard to find!  The best bet in the UK to find one, (although often in a used condition) would be on Ebay – check out recent auctions here.

furbymarshmellow white

Furby Boom Stars (Orange)

Another pretty brilliant Furby, has to be the Star pattern Furby Boom.  I love the contrast in colours, using an orange and green combination and star patterns are always going to be a winner for me!  Stars rock!  I don’t currently own this Furby, but have no doubt, he will be joining our Furby family in the near future.  Thankfully, he’s not a tricky one to get hold of new and at a good price.

You can find Furby Boom Stars on  Amazon- prices vary! 


Furby Boom Crystal Series Rainbow Edition.

In at no.3,  it has to be the Crystal Furby Boom rainbow edition!   Ok, maybe this is incredibly girly of me, (and I’m really not girly, honest) but the rainbow pattern is just simply awesome and I can’t resist it.  I’m sure many other people feel the same, as this Rainbow edition is certainly a popular choice.

Click Here For Furby Boom Crystal! 

furby boom crystal series rainbow edition

Furby Interactive Plush Red and Black

For the next choice on my Furby favourite list, I’m going for a classic colour combo, the red and black Furby.  It might seem like quite a plain boring choice, but in my opinion, this Furby is totally’rockin it!  The red and black Furby has a rockstar feel about him and I love the little blue tuft of hair too.

Pick him up Over Here! 


Furby Boom Lightning Bolts

So, the last but not least in my top 5, it has to be Furby Boom lightning bolts!  I love the lightning pattern and the blue and yellow mix is an unusual combination.  This is one of my sons favourite designs also.

Click Here For Furby Lightning – Is He Available?


Thinking over these, maybe I should have opted for a top 10 list, as there are certainly ones coming to mind that are also great – the pink and blue heart Furby, the all black furby is popular but seems a tricky one to get hold of!  Or what about the gorgeous Teal coloured Furby?

I actually have a Teal coloured Furby that’s hiding out in our cupboard until Christmas.   It’s been quite hard to resist getting him out, as he’s been hiding out there waiting since September!  (Update – the teal furby is now part of our furby family and he’s a great edition).

I am also very fond of the Star Wars Furby Furbacca that was released at the end of 2015.  As far as special edition Furbies go, Furbacca would now be in my top spot.

Check out my Furbacca review here.

So, despite other favourite options, that’s my current top 5 list in the regular Furby/Furby Boom range!

But what about rare Furby editions that are available?   Check out my list of vintage furbies here!  Do you have a favourite Furby?  Why not visit our contact page and let us know.

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