Please…Turn Furby Nice Again

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turn furby nice again

When Furby turned Evil for us for the first time, we didn’t know how to turn Furby nice again.

It was quite a shock, I hadn’t realised that Furby could change personalities like this at first!

While it sometimes doesn’t seem to work – if you want to turn furby nice again, it’s fairly straight forward to do!

If you have the Furby boom app, it’s even easier….

You should give him plenty of nice attention, (stroking his head and back) and then, use the Furby app to feed him delicious treats! (No, not the pants and toilet paper, but yummy food that he will enjoy!).

After a while of feeding him plenty of treats, he should return to his sweet former self.

If you don’t have the App, you may try playing some music for 5 to 10 minutes, which should turn him into pop star Furby.

Alternatively, stroke and stroke and stroke and STROKE Furby…he may actually protest… but if you do it for long enough, this should turn Furby nice again eventually!

If you’re sick of your sweet Furby and just want him to be EVIL again, simply follow the instructions in this post... alternatively, you could try being mean to him via the Furby app, such as by over feeding him disgusting things!

One of our Furbies seems to change personalities constantly, for no reason whatsoever, so it can be a bit random at times!

What is your favourite Furby personality?

Do you find certain things change them?  Leave me a comment!

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  1. How to make your furby from mean to princess
    1. Pull its tail and make it sick to give it a lesson
    2. Play some music, mine likes classical?
    3. Pet it and tickle it and feed it
    4.Do step 2&3 all together( it works much faster)
    5. Hug it and wrap it in a blanket for love
    6. That’s it! Into a princess??

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