Vintage Furbies 1998-2000

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I love seeking out a vintage Furby and there are many special edition Furbies still out there – vintage Furbies can still be found regularly, even new in their box!

You never know, you may just find a rare vintage Furby lurking in your local car boot fare or garage sale, so maybe keep an eye out next time you visit one!

Here is a selection of some of my favourites that you may still be able to find….

Statue of Liberty Furby Model 70-893

statue of liberty furby
First off is the statue of liberty Furby!  Released in 1999, only 72,000 were ever made.   The little crown is what does it for me *Hilarious!*

Statue Of Liberty Furby Click Here!

Special Edition Wizard Furby

Wizard Furby!!  Yes, you read that right:  A WIZARD FURBY!!!  …  Released in 1999 only in Toysrus stores, 90,000 were made.    I need to buy one of these.    (I’m thinking they should really release a Harry Potter Furby!  He could have a broomstick, or a wand and little round spectacles, imagine the cuteness!….)

Click Here For Wizard Furby!

Special Limited edition 1999 SANTA FURBY

furby santa special edition
How could we do without a Santa Furby?  Perhaps one for the Furby fanatics Christmas stocking? This special edition Santa Furby was actually was one of 500,000 others.  This should mean that he’s pretty easy to pick up – but this is getting harder! Especially in mint condition and for a decent price…so you’d better get cracking with that one!  Ho Ho HOOOO!!!!

Click Here For Furby Santa!

Special Edition Reindeer Furby!


Who can talk about Santa, without mentioning his Reindeer, (although I’m surprised it’s not Rudolph!).  Well, here is a Reindeer Furby!  250,000 were made, so there are still plenty available.  I love his little bells!

Click Here For Reindeer Furby!

Special Edition Jester Furby!

The Jester Furby special edition, was released in 1999 and although only 72,000, this Furby appears to be one of the cheaper ones you can still get hold of.

Click Here For Jester Furby!

Special Edition Angel Furby!


A super rare Furby is the Furby Angel edition.   Only 10,000 of these were made, which makes this edition a select group of the rarest Furbies ever made.

 If you can get hold of one of these for a decent price, hang on to it!  Just be careful you’re getting the real deal.  The real thing should look like the Furby boxed in the picture above.

Is Angel Furby Available? Click Here!

Special Edition Valentines Furby!


Valentines day Furby, was released in 2000 and was one of 150, 000. Still available to get hold of fairly easily.  The little gold “I love you” heart is pretty adorable.

Can You Find Valentine Furby? Click Here!

The fact that so many of these vintage Furby’s can still be purchased in their box as new is a great thing and I imagine as time goes on, this will become less and less of a probability.

It goes without saying that, if you want to purchase an original unused and special edition Furby – you’d be wise to keep it in mint condition.

I’ve linked below to to a selection of vintage Furbies you can get hold of now.  You may also want to check out a large selection

as there are regularly plenty to choose from at various prices. Or simply search in the search bar below.

Other Furby Special editions available, if you’d like to search for them, include:  Spring Furby 1999, Graduation Furby, Statue of Liberty Furby, statue of Liberty Furby, millenium Furby version 1, millenium Furby version 2, Racing Furby, Autumn Furby, Tropical Furby, Jester Furby, Easter FUrby, Spring baby Furby, Royal Furby, President Furby, Hi-C Furby, Kid cuisine Furby, bejewlled Furby, Thanks Giving Furby and Rockstar Furby and plenty are regularly up for auction!.

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