Vintage Furby – What you should know.

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Vintage furby

If you’re looking to collect and buy vintage Furbies, it’s pretty straight forward to get started.

First, you should learn about the various types of vintage Furby available, (see post for some common special edition furby descriptions).  Study their features and the look of their box.

To get the maximum return on your purchase in future, you should buy the vintage Furby in its original box, in as good a condition as possible.

So, if you’re buying online, take a look at the ones in their boxes and study the photos and descriptions carefully.

There have been some fake furbies created

thankfully, for the most part, even the special edition Furbies were made in quite large numbers, (such as 70,000 – 150,000 for the most part) and the original Furbies are plenty, (although getting one in mint condition in its box is the ideal scenario).  So, in a majority of cases, at this point – getting hold of an original or special edition Furby isn’t difficult.

In addition, you can still become a collector of Furbies without having to spend a fortune.  

You can probably pick up a regular original boxed furby for as little as £15-£20.  Whereas for a boxed special edition version, you might expect to pay anywhere from £40 – to in the hundreds of pounds, depending how sought after they are and how lucky you may be, (if you’re bidding at auction).

In any case, you can buy feeling fairly confident that you will be able to sell for a profit in the future and the availability of these Furbies will dwindle over time, so if you’re thinking of starting a collection, don’t wait too long!

furby vintage collection now

When seeking out a vintage Furby, the best places to look are EBAY and  AMAZON – Ebay is one of the best places to search for vintage Furbies, because you have the opportunity to pick up a bargain if you bid at the correct time.  I suggest looking for auctions that end Mon-Thurs, because auctions ending on the weekend will always be more popular and Sunday is Ebay’s busiest day of all.  

However, for those people who do most of their online purchases on Amazon, you can pick up a fair amount of special edition Furbies on AMAZON too.

When the original vintage Furby was launched in 1998, Furby was completely unique and unlike and other toy on the market at the time.  Furby really represents a turning point in the industry of robotic, interactive toys.  No other toy before Furby, could interact and react to its environment the way Furby did, with this additional apparent ability to “learn,” (well, as we know, Furby only appears to learn, but this “trick” or effect was an impressive one — impressive enough to fool the American government!).

Furby also can also do certain “tricks” and play games, Furby also reacts to other Furbies and its environment, such as to dance to music!  (For major comic effect – check out Furby videos to see Furby dance to gangnam style).

So, of course Furby was a revolutionary Toy and as such, deserves his rightful acknowledgement in toy history!  Even though the story is still going on of course – with the advancement of Furby, now moving into a new era and being merged with other iconic characters, (check out Furbacca).

If you’re planning on becoming a serious collector, three main factors come into play that will effect value:  

  • How rare the Furby is.
  • The condition the Furby is in, (unopened and still in the box is always best).
  • The demand for that Furby.

A used and tatty Furby will not reach a high value at all, you can pick up unboxed and used Furbies for under £5.  If you’re buying to purely collect and make a profit later, you must keep Furby in the box you purchase it in, put it in a safe place and keep it in the best possible condition you can.

As I mentioned previously, a majority of special edition Furbies had a large number made, there are a few that are much more rare.  For example, the Schwarz Bejeweled Furby – there were only five of these ever made and one of these would cost an exceptional sum.

While it’s not a sure thing that special edition Furbies will be profitable in the future, considering the impact that Furby had, it seems likely that they will be.

So, if you’d like to jump on the Furby collectors bandwagon, jump on!  There is still availability for these toys now, but who can say how long you will be able to pick up vintage Furbies in mint condition and still in the box.  As time goes on, the less availability they will be and the higher the price tag.

Vintage Furbies are simple to search for…

you could try searching for specific names, such as “statue of liberty Furby,” (check extensive list in this post).  Or simply by searching for more general terms such as – “special edition Furby boxed”, “vintage Furby”, “rare Furby still in box” and so forth.

Do you have a Furby in mind that you’re looking for?

Let me know in the comments!  🙂

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  1. Hey Nat,
    Cool post about “vintage furby”. I had read about these toys earlier as well.

    This was one toy that revolutionized the toy industry and still is pretty much in demand now.

    A vintage furby in mind condition might be rare but can command a really good price to the right collector.

    Also thanks for the pro tip about auctions, it is these little things that can only come from experience.

    1. thank you for the comment josh – quite right, if you can get hold of one of the rarest furbies, you could certainly sell for a hefty sum! Thanks for stopping by, all the best!

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