What Is Furby Connect? Furby Connect Review!

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what is furby connect, furby connect reviewIt’s not been since the 2012 and the release of the Furby boom that another main Furby range has been released. Four long years!

During that four year period, we did have the release of the Furby party rockers and, of course, we can’t leave out Furbacca, who was a super unique edition.

Furbacca was perhaps a sign of what Hasbro were planning, as Furbacca certainly had advanced on from his 2012 cousins – and Furby connect has too!

Furby Connect Review Online

The new Furby connect has even more advanced expressions via their LED eyes. In fact, they currently have 150 distinct eye animations!  Some of these images include, cats, guitars and hearts.

They also have an LED antenna on their head, that flashes a variety of colours, it also can make noises when you move it and seems to move like a joystick.  While the joystick cannot be used in any of the App games at present, I imagine this could change over time.

Some people were genuinely freaked out by the original Furby – and while we still love him – it’s understandable that people found him just a little creepy at times.  But this latest edition is the ultimate in cuteness and there is nothing creepy to be found.

The new furby has brighter, colourful and sparkling eyes, he also has super long ears – with lots of movement.  His overall shape is a little bigger than Furby boom and his movements are also more distinct.

Their giant ears dance and move about with them too, which certainly makes them appear more animated.

Like the Furby boom, Furby connect also has a unique App, which is certainly more engaging and advanced than the original Furby boom app.

Like the original, Furby connect also lays eggs, which hatch into little baby furblings, it’s up to you to look after these furby babies, by washing them and feeding them, for example.

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Kids will be pleased to know that Furby connect can also use the toilet.  He can poo out all sorts of interesting things when you hold him over the toilet on your tablet or phone.  One of my favourite aspects is the cannon, where you can shoot out food into Furbies mouth.

Another good thing, is you can nurture your Furby Furblings via the app without any internet connection, nor your Furby if you don’t want to.  Which means it could be played out and about and not just at home, you can play the Furby app anywhere.

The new App is available via IOS and android and if you happen to get two furby connects, they also communicate with each other.  Anyone who has experienced Furbies talking to each other will know, it can be pretty hilarious.

The furby App itself includes some really cute mini games, music and videos that Furby can interact with.  You can also keep this Furby updated via the internet.

For example, through the apps update service, Furby will know which songs are trending and can even provide their own little comments on mini videos.

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One major issue with all other Furbies was getting them to STOP talking and then, when they finally did stop, to keep them from waking up.

This time, furby connect has an adorable little sleep mask that switches off Furby completely.  Good thinking Hasbro!

Having once transported a suitcase full of Furbies several thousand miles, (don’t ask) ensuring that they STAY asleep in some situations is a relief and I’m sure it will be the a relief to many parents too.

While Furby connect is only available in Pink & Teal right now, further colours are due to be released any time now.  (other colours including: purple, coral, light blue).

An additional thing to note is the battery life…  Furby connect lasts around six hours continuously with four AA batteries.  It would certainly make a lot more sense to get rechargeable batteries.

I’m really pleased to see that Hasbro are keeping the Furby brand alive and updating each Furby model along with the times….  I wonder what Furby will look like in 20 years?  Will he be cooking us breakfast yet?

So, What is Furby Connect – any different from other Furbies?

Furby is the most awesome advancement of the Furby brand to date!

He has all of the regular Furby characteristics, but just in a better, more interactive and technologically advanced packagae.  Plus a few extra editions that are great too.  He’s a super cute mogwai-like creature who talks, dances, sings, farts, answers your questions and has tonnes of additional features, including a fun new App.

All in all, I’m impressed with this new edition and I think Hasbro are making it clear that the Furby brand is here to stay – and will be evolving with the times.

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Will you be getting a Furby conect?

Let me know in the comments 🙂

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  1. I have to enter a date of birth thing to use the furby connect toilet, when I do… it brings me to hasbro.com. I don’t know what to do? Can someone help?

  2. I’ve bought a Furby connect for my daughter (6 year old) and she loves it. The toy is great and the connectivity to a phone/tablet is great.

    My question is, if a lot of progress is made on with furblings on one phone what would happen if a new tablet was used? Would all the furblings sync to that tablet?

  3. Hi I got a Furby Connect today
    It sings jingle bells and has two videos
    But my question is how long does it take for them to change been an hour now and still same 3 things

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