What is Furby saying? – lesson 1

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what is furby saying learn furbish

 Learn Furbish – the easy way!

Furby does chatter away an awful lot ..the trouble is that, at least initially, you have no idea what he’s talking about!

There are a lot of Furby words to learn and if you try and learn them all at once, you will get Furbish overload!  So, much better to learn a little Furbish one bit at a time!

if you’d like to see the full listing of Furby words, go here! 

So, here is a bunch of stuff your Furby says that you may not understand…..

“What on earth is Furby saying?”

Fortunately, I decided to create some mini bite-size lessons, so you can remember these phrases when your Furby next chatters away.

  1. Ah Noo = Help!
  2. Doh-no=lah = Party time!  (I’ve heard this plenty of times, have you?)
  3. Dah-way = Genius!  (I only recently discovered this and this is also a very common term for Furby).
  4. Dah-ay-loh-nah-bah = goodnight, (a rather long one!).
  5. Do-oo-tye = wassap!
  6. koo-doh = health or healthy, (you may recognise this from the Furby app).

Have you heard your Furby saying anything unusual?  Leave me a comment!



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