A Yoda interactive toy… do you have one?

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yoda interactive toy, yoda furbyA Yoda interactive Toy was released in the year 2000.  The Yoda doll was immediately compared to Furby because they share the same creators – Tiger Electronics.  There are also a number of similarities between both toys…

Furby and Yoda are both interactive electric toys, both respond to their environment. Like Furby, you need to care for Yoda, you can interact with Yoda and if Yoda gets sleepy, he will take a nap.  If you happen to have more than one Yoda, (or a friend does) then they can interact with one another.

Both toys also share the similarity of changing or developing over time, but the difference is Yoda that gradually reveals golden nuggets of wisdom over time.  There is a point to this of course, Yoda is training you to become a Jedi!  There are four stages to your training and each stage gets progressively more difficult:

  1. Lightsaber taining,
  2. Mind training,
  3. Jedi quizzes
  4. In the final level, you learn how to control the force.  Yoda also tests your knowledge of the force with various questions.  Depending on how Yoda rates your performance, he will reward you with praise, encouragement or criticism!


Yoda also has a rather wide vocabulary with 450 words and phrases and there is an additional mini lightsaber that comes included.  So, this Yoda doll is considerably distinct from a Furby toy; although at the core you can see there are similarities as far as interactive toys go.

Nevertheless, the Yoda interactive doll is still often referred to as “Yoda Furby,” despite not actually being in the friend of furby range – unlike actual friends of Furby, ET and Gizmo. I’m pretty impressed with this interactive Yoda toy, I’m Yoda fan anyway and was wondering whether a future Yoda Furby edition, to follow  Star Wars Furbacca Furby could be a possibility in the future.  Check out Yoda….

I love his facial expressions and the way his ears wiggle, even if his voice is a little robotic.  Still, it looks like a pretty awesome toy – don’t you agree? Even as a Star Wars fan, this surely has to be a must-have item.

So, 15 years after tiger electronics created this Yoda interactive toy, Furby and Star Wars have once again been linked to create an actual Furby/Star Wars combo.  Perhaps waiting for the technology to develop further was a good idea, as the new Furby Furbacca certainly seems like another leap ahead within interactive toy technology and no doubt this will influence other toy manufacturers to get on the interactive toy bandwagon.  It will be interesting to see what they come up with next!

Can You Find Yoda? Search Here!

Do you have an interactive Yoda?  Let us know if you do in the comments below!  I may just have to put Yoda on our Christmas wishlist, we are all major Yoda fans anyway so, it would be a great edition to our Furby collection.  If you want to check out Yoda interactive dolls that you can still get hold of, you may also check EBAY here:  

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  1. What an interesting read, I had no idea this interactive Yoda existed let alone that he is in the Furby family. I love the nurturing aspect of him and of course the twist that he is testing you, too! A great idea for kids an a lovely cross over. Impressed I am! 😀 Thank you for a great review.

    1. Gotta love Yoda! They’re quite rare now, but you can still get them. Interesting that there was this star wars connection to Furby back then — and now again with the new Furbacca Furby. Thank you for your comment! xx

    1. Hi , sorry I just replied to your post thinking you were talking about the ET furby – not the Yoda one. ET furby fetches considerably more new in its box, seems to be a couple of hundred and upward. If it’s not new, you can pick it up cheaply. By contrast, I’ve seen yoda brand new at buy it now for around £60-plus, but I did even see one start at £10 – so I guess it really depends. I think these ones will go up in value though, so keep hold of it!

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